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In Montreal, cars are often exposed to certain routine breakdowns that limit their performance, especially when you drag on to fix them. Thus, if the ignition of your Hyundai car for example becomes complicated to the point of meeting your needs, we invite you to contact our company Serrurier Momo. We are able to solve your Hyundai ignition problem as quickly as possible.

Hyundai ignition problems in Montreal

It must be admitted, first of all, that the Hyundai brand has found a good market of sale in Montreal. But consumers of this product, like other brands for that matter, seem to be facing several kinds of difficulties related to Hyundai ignition. These are often contact problems that prevent the driver from easily starting his vehicle. It can also be a failure in the car key. Two cases may arise : either the key remains trapped in the barrel, or it refuses to enter it. In either case, these malfunctions prevent you from enjoying your rolling stock. Worse, they expose the vehicle to the risk of theft.

Aware of these facts, the manufacturing house has taken measures for these disturbances, provided that it happens under the warranty of the vehicle. But after the warranty, the problem is not quite solved. In fact, these Hyundai ignition problems persist even beyond warranty expiration. Therefore, you need an expert in this field like our company. To do this, Serrurier Momo offers you the following options.

Interim solutions

When you’re away from a garage, perhaps on a long road, and your Hyundai ignition starts to bother you, we suggest two methods of temporary start– The first states that the car key must be fattened by passing a lubricant of the PL-100 type. After which you can insert it again into the contact of your machine. The second method is to vibrate the key in the ignition by trying to turn it in the direction of start-up.


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Call on the professionals of the Locksmith Momo

Généralement, que ce soit au Centre-Ville ou au Vieux-Montréal, les différents problèmes d’ignition Hyundai, à savoir les problèmes de contact et de clé bloquée, sont confiés à notre groupe Serrurier Momo. Il s’agit d’une équipe de professionnels qui ont la solution aux problèmes de clé et serrures des véhicules.

Grâce à notre savoir-faire, nous joignons un transpondeur pour préciser la nature et le niveau du problème pour l’attaquer avec beaucoup de précision. Nos offres dans les différents cas consistent en une réparation de contact, en un remplacement de clé, en un changement d’ignition ou encore en une extraction de clé bloquée.

Disadvantages of a Hyundai Smart Wrench

The chip key is a good option, in a context where technology leaves no room for marble in any area of life. But it can have negative repercussions on its users. As for the chip key, it often maintains ignition problems with your Hyundai car, because of the quality of the device which leaves something to be desired. In reality, the meshes of the contact become worn out very quickly, and this may require a key change.

Common problem with Hyundai ignition

The most recurrent ignition problems in Hyundai automobiles are in several categories. They are related either to the car key or to the ignition itself. Indeed, the key can become hard to move inside the contact; it may likewise refuse to enter it. It should also be noted that some engine start problems can have their source in the carburation system or that of electricity.

In short, only our intervention will allow you to have the heart clear.

It’s winter, it’s minus -20°C. everything freezes, including door locks!
You are in a hurry, the door must open! Alas, the lock is so frozen that the key breaks in the barrel. You look bewildered at the piece of key left between your fingers, and see the other end of the key… always in the lock. What can I do?



Do you have questions about our services or need a locksmith? I would be happy to answer your questions and be able to direct you to the best possible option, depending on your needs and your budget. Do not hesitate to contact us, at any time! You just have to fill out the form below.

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