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Locksmith in La Prairie

Trusted locksmith èa La Prairie: Since its creation in 2007 in Montreal, Serrurier Momo has strived to provide its customers with top quality services. Entrusting your lock and door to a third party is an act of trust. That’s why our company, Serrurier Momo, takes care of personally intervening in the field. Holder of a permit issued by BSP du Québec, our establishment ensures a quality and safe service. If you live in La Prairie and have work related to your home or car lock, now is the time to call the best company in the field.

Residential Locksmith in La Prairie

Thanks to our certification, Serrurier Momo intervenes at home for all needs in terms of installation or repair of lock. Our company guarantees you a quality service ensuring the safety of your homes.

For lock installation cases, we recommend to our customers, premium quality locks whose lifespans exceed 15 years. It is the same, when it comes to proceeding with a lock replacement.

One of the brands we favor is Medeco. All our installed locks easily adjust to the doors for better security of residents and property. These are unhookable devices.

Faced with an attempted break-in, our locks show a resistance of more than 20 minutes. Which is discouraging for the burglar. Indeed, beyond 5 minutes of attempt, the thief is worried about being discovered and therefore abandons his burglary project.

Residential locksmith for many years in Montreal and La Prairie, Serrurier Momo is aware that at any time you can lose your keys. For this, our team only registers the keys in the name of the customer. Therefore, in case of loss of key or broken key, the owner can simply go and request new copies from the seller.

Day and night, commercial locksmith intervenes in La Prairie for the unlocking of lock at home. We strengthen security around your home or business by installing an electric combination lock.

Everything about keys and locks is our favorite universe. Everything starts from the sale and ends up to the repair through duplication, installation and many other services. All the locks we install are equipped with an electric striker.

Automotive Locksmith in La Prairie

nissan doorman

Serrurier Momo is also an automotive locksmith who works on car locking and unlocking systems in La Prairie and beyond.

We install for the safety of your car, a chip key. It is equipped with an electric transmitter specific to each car. Indeed, each electronic transmitter corresponds to the serial number of the vehicle that is equipped with the chip key.

Chip key technology greatly increases security in the car’s starting system. As a result, the vehicle is more protected against the risk of theft. In clearer terms, if a malicious person manages to enter the vehicle without having the key, it will be impossible for him to start the engine.

Whether in the Symbiocité district or in the city center, Serrurier Momo produces, installs and unlocks smart key systems for the most widely used American car brands. Its services in this area also concern the major Asian car brands. Whether the car is new or used, our staff is able to strengthen your starting safety against theft.

Our company from the top of its more than ten years of experience, recommends to all those who have a car equipped with a smart key, to make copies of it. Do not wait to misplace your car keys before looking for solutions. Locksmith Momo will make you copies at surprisingly low prices.

In case of loss of keychain without having copies, the only reflex to have is to call on Serrurier Momo. Present in greater Montreal, we have our cell in La Prairie. It covers all the districts to help you with professionalism and speed.

We offer all services related to the car lock/unlock system. All you have to do is have a problem in this matter and we will answer immediately to relieve you. For example, we unlock the doors with slim Jim and solve the ignition problems of many car brands.


Tel: 514 999 4341

24/7 service in La Prairie

A breakdown of key and lock does not always prevent. Day or night, a stoppage can occur either on the door of your house or on the locking system of your car.

Did you forget your key in the lock inside your room? Did the key break in the lock? Are your keys lost? Do not panic ! Call Locksmith Momo on weekdays, weekends and public holidays.
We will intervene at any time at your home in La Prairie and beyond as soon as possible.

Service 24h Saint-Remi

It’s winter, it’s minus -20°C. everything freezes, including door locks!
You are in a hurry, the door must open! Alas, the lock is so frozen that the key breaks in the barrel. You look bewildered at the piece of key left between your fingers, and see the other end of the key… always in the lock. What can I do?



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