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Trusted locksmith in SAint-Michel: Having a blocked or locked door is a problem that can happen: the lock of the house, the lock of the office, your car door or a key of your commercial housing, having a duplicate key is not always obvious. We are the reference for your troubleshooting in these rather delicate situations. Serrurier Momo, a licensed company, present in Quebec, specializes in unlocking doors in all circumstances. Whether you are in town, nearby, or in the municipality of Saint-Michel, the team is present and ready for even your most unforeseen problems.


The company offers its customers diversified services in terms of door opening and vehicle unlocking. Whether in commercial premises, office or personal residence, with a professional locksmith team, your emergency will always be our priority, no matter where you are.

Services in the field of residential lock

It can happen that lock problems come to surprise us in our home. Broken key problem, stuck door lock, loss of keys, these are very restrictive situations. Serrurier Momo provides emergency locksmiths for timely troubleshooting and on any lock model.

Door unlocking, key design, double or original, extraction of broken keys, or if you need a key change, Serrurier Momo also adopts its interventions with efficiency and with all your confidence.

In addition to the workforce, the company also offers high-end lock and key models from Mul-T-Lock. With these models, the security of your home will be doubled thanks to the materials and reliable installation, your residential door will be synonymous with your safety. In addition, electronic models are also available to make your life easier. Using the electric striker installed on your door, which you can control with a remote control, you will be able to open it remotely.

Service in the field of commercial lock

Apart from residential lock repair services, Serrurier Momo also takes care of commercial locks regardless of the model. Manager of a commercial premises, it can happen that one or two keys can get lost from your keychain. Indeed, it is not easy to keep several keys on you without taking the risk of misplacing them. At Serrurier Momo, we facilitate the management of your premises by offering you the key master product. With this key, you will not have to keep a whole keychain, a single key and you will open all the doors of your premises. Convenient, simple and accessible, our team always prioritizes your needs, and your security with a reliable and trusted service.

In addition, if an incident occurs with your lock or key, if you decide to change the lock, opening and locking system of your commercial doors or if you just need troubleshooting for unlocking, duplicating or extracting key residue, at Serrurier Momo, this service is also available for commercial doors.

Service in the field of automobile lock

suzuki doorman

Serrurier Momo also offers its services on car doors, of all brands and kinds. Whether you have misplaced your key or your vehicle remote control is experiencing problems, do not hesitate to call us, we also manage this type of incident.

Indeed, our company also specializes in unlocking car doors using the Slim Jim, but also in the repair of a faulty lock. Whether your car is equipped with a standard key, a remote control, a smart key or a smart key, you can call on our service and entrust us with your car lock.
In addition, we can optimize your key, offering you the best range of technology to customize your car with a more efficient and accurate safety system. Thanks to our materials and the technology we use, your smart key can be reprogrammed in no time.

 In addition, if the ignition problem overwhelms your journey, call on our team of specialists who will arrange you with high-performance equipment, a precise workforce and advanced technology and all this in close service. With a very meticulous technique, Serrurier Momo mends your ignition with precision work by limiting any collateral damage that can interfere.


Tel: 514 999 4341


One of the specificities of Serrurier Momo is that our services are available at all times, at any time and in connected service. Don’t worry, our expert team is always available, with emergency locksmiths in case of the unexpected, 24/7 service.

At Serrurier Momo, you can trust us with your locks and keys. With our expert teams, this is an area where we have been excelling with a reference for more than 10 years. Residential lock, commercial lock or automobile lock, the team of the municipality of Saint-Michel is at your service by offering guaranteed, reliable services that put your security first.

Service 24h Saint-Remi

It’s winter, it’s minus -20°C. everything freezes, including door locks!
You are in a hurry, the door must open! Alas, the lock is so frozen that the key breaks in the barrel. You look bewildered at the piece of key left between your fingers, and see the other end of the key… always in the lock. What can I do?



Do you have questions about our services or need a locksmith? I would be happy to answer your questions and be able to direct you to the best possible option, depending on your needs and your budget. Do not hesitate to contact us, at any time! You just have to fill out the form below.

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