Locksmith in Sainte-Julie

Lock problems with cars and residences are becoming more and more frequent in the city of Sainte-Julie located in the MRC of Marguerite-D’Youville in Montérégie. That’s why Serrurier Momo solves this problem by settling near you. We are a company specialized in the installation and repair of locks for cars, businesses and homes. Discover in this article the necessary information about our company and our services.

Automotive locksmith in Sainte-Julie

Serrurier Momo is a company that has specialized in locksmithing for more than 10 years. We are represented in several cities across Canada. Our services are available in your city in Sainte-Julie for your satisfaction. In addition, we have several experts who secure your home or car through their work. Serrurier Momo is thus specialized in automotive locksmithing, commercial locksmithing and residential locksmithing.

The products we use are of the latest generation and enhance the security of your property and your car, not to mention the effective protection of commercial doors.

Residential locksmith in Sainte-Julie

Serrurier Momo is also a residential locksmith who brings enough interest to your safety, because our goal is to protect your home from break-ins. In reality, you know that a house with a bad lock becomes quite vulnerable to thieves. These can enter your home very easily. For this reason, contact us in Sainte-Julie so that we can definitively solve this problem.

Through our experience in Sainte-Julie, we had experienced many situations that allow us to act quickly and satisfy our customers. To do our work in your residence in Sainte-Julie, we make use of the products of major brands. As an example for doors, we use locks from the company Medeco. These devices have a lifespan of more than two decades in your doors. Whether you want Medeco’s mechanical range for your boutiques located in District Sainte-Julie, or Medeco’s electronic range for your offices located in Domaine des Hauts-Bois, we are well placed to fill you completely.

Under certain circumstances, you may end up with a key stuck in the door. When you come across a lock that is not of good quality, it can happen quickly. In this case, call on our know-how, we will carry out the lock unlocking without difficulty, without damaging your door. At the same time, we offer you a solution to stop experiencing such situations.

We then proceed to the manufacture of key and lock to our customers. However, you can contact us only for this. In addition to manufacturing, we will duplicate your keys to avoid blockages in case of loss of key.

Automotive locksmith in Sainte-Julie

mitsubishi doorman

The chip key system is widely used nowadays for several cars. It is a system that consists of putting an electric transmitter on the key of the car. The latter is special and unique for every car model. This key model is designed to ensure the safety of your car. The smart wrench is used to lock and start your vehicle. Without the chip’s contact with the vehicle’s integrated system, the vehicle cannot start or open.

In view of the many advantages of the smart key, such as the reduction of the risk of theft, Serrurier Momo decided to provide this service to its customers. In other words, in the field of automotive locksmithing, our expertise is indisputable after the many cases and missions carried out. In Sainte-Julie, a city founded by Sainte-Julie-de-Verchères, we are one of the few companies that manage to make this type of key. Do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from our services if you are not far from NP Lapierre Park or in the city center.

In addition, we intervene for the resolution of all your ignition problems. Indeed, some cars reserve unpleasant surprises in terms of their ignition. This frequently causes the key in the contact to crash. Let us intervene in this case for the repair of the Chevrolet ignition, Acura ignition, etc. in Sainte-Julie.


Tel: 514 999 4341

24/7 service in Sainte-Julie

Serrurier Momo is available to satisfy its customers 24 hours a day in Sainte-Julie. Whatever problem you have with your locksmith in the Sainte-Julie area, do not hesitate to contact us. Our availability is unfailing to receive you in order to solve your house lock or car lock problems.

Our experts are ready to satisfy you every day, on weekends, even on public holidays.
Our service is available 7 days a week without interruption. We are therefore ready for an urgent intervention, whatever your position in Sainte-Julie. Do not hesitate to call on our professionalism if necessary.

Service 24h Saint-Remi

It’s winter, it’s minus -20°C. everything freezes, including door locks!
You are in a hurry, the door must open! Alas, the lock is so frozen that the key breaks in the barrel. You look bewildered at the piece of key left between your fingers, and see the other end of the key… always in the lock. What can I do?



Do you have questions about our services or need a locksmith? I would be happy to answer your questions and be able to direct you to the best possible option, depending on your needs and your budget. Do not hesitate to contact us, at any time! You just have to fill out the form below.

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