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Locksmith in Westmount

Trusted locksmith in Westmount: Who says Locksmith Momo says a brand that takes care of its customers, and this, in a very professional way. It is his pronounced taste for the professionalization of his service that he now dominates the world of locksmithing in Montreal. He conquered all of Montreal and it is now time to benefit the people of Westmount. In order for you to have an idea on the matter, we offer you a small overview of what this company offers its customers in terms of solving your locksmith problems.

Locksmith in Westmount

Wherever you are in the big city of Westmount, the Momo Locksmith service is now available for you. We will come to your home to help you solve the various lock problems of your car or your home.

Momo locksmith service in Westmount: residential lock

This is about securing the house. Thus, we offer our kind customers to take care of all the tasks including the complete change of the locks or a refurbishment of the existing locks. All this with the aim of guaranteeing better safety for the occupants of a house. The main working tool in this case is the CX5, a key that will be a real ally for optimal security of homes by following the standards.

Apart from the CX5, our team also trusts Mul-T-Lock. Handled with a certain skill, this key will also help to secure a residence. With it, your door won’t let just anyone get into your home. It is then recommended for stores and commercial establishments.

More and more homeowners want to get a makeover by investing in high-tech keys, electric locks. A little more expensive than previous models, these keys offer the occupants of a house the possibility of connecting doors and windows with the new technology using remote control. In addition to setting up a “secure door of the future”, the experts at Serrurier Momo also take care of duplicating, creating a new key after the loss or destruction of the original copies.

Automotive Locksmith in Westmount

toyota doorman

Serrurier Momo is not just a brand specializing in keys and securing residences. Motorists who encounter difficulties with their doors can also come to solve locksmith problems.

Indeed, Serrurier Momo has a team specialized in automotive locking. This team has a certain ease in unlocking, reframing smart keys, reviewing and refurbishing door locks, and even restoring the automatic lock to working order. All this wide range of operations can be done with all brands of automobiles.

Having your car radio stolen, the vehicle’s music speakers will make car owners angry. So that you do not suffer this unpleasant situation, you must prevent and thus take the lead to increase and secure your car even more. While you have the lock model of ten or twenty years ago or a dapper model state-of-the-art, it will always be possible to repair it and reduce as much as possible the case of car theft.

Another tool that makes the reputation of the locksmith Momo: the Slim Jim tool. This is the one and only way to overcome an ignition. This tool by hand, it will be easier to see where the problem comes from since the mesh will be scrutinized. With such an organization of work, the team of locksmith Momo manages to repair a lock in no time, always following the security standards.


Tel: 514 999 4341

Locksmith Momo in Westmount: available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Having teams that can take turns night and day, Locksmith in Westmount will always have competent elements for troubleshooting sessions. Even in the middle of the weekend or on July 14, as long as you have a lock problem, you can call us.

With ten years of existence, experiences have been acquired, various models of locks have been rubbed shoulders with. This means that this sign will always find a solution to your breakdown, no breakdown will resist.

Our professionalism guides us in our actions and therefore if the problem is not solved, there is no need to pay for the service. So, we, Locksmith Momo are delighted to come to the rescue of you, the people of Westmount with a guarantee that any breakdown related to locks will be resolved.

Service 24h Saint-Remi

It’s winter, it’s minus -20°C. everything freezes, including door locks!
You are in a hurry, the door must open! Alas, the lock is so frozen that the key breaks in the barrel. You look bewildered at the piece of key left between your fingers, and see the other end of the key… always in the lock. What can I do?


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