Careful! Avoid scams at the emergency locksmith or convenience stores that triple their price after intervening. Call a competent, serious locksmith who holds a license from the Private Security Bureau (BSP).

Nuns' Island

  • A professional who practices honest prices,
  • A lock technician who asks you the right questions on the phone before arriving on site to better visualize and understand your key problem.
  • Who tells you the most accurate price possible and justifies it.
  • Who moves 24 hours a day

A photo may be requested if necessary.


Locksmith in Montreal, 10 years of experience, a course and a diploma in Locksmithing finally the license of the BSP to meet your need and find the best solution for you.

The technicians offer you a good service but also the peace of mind and security of being served honestly.


We offer installation, sale and repair in the following branches:

  • high security locks
  • access systems
  • intercom system
  • smart key for automotive
  • and more…..


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Having problems with your Honda ignition not running? We know well this recurring problem of this car, we did the same work on 30 Place du commerce on the island of the sisters at the parking lot of the IGA.

The customer could no longer turn his key in the ignition, he called you. We arrived at the scene in 25 minutes and analyzed the problem. Less than two hours later he left with his vehicle with a smile on his face.

iga ile aux soeurs

Smart keys

Often due to lack of time we run and it happens that we lose our keys or they have escaped us and is damaged because of the impact.

Don’t be afraid to spend a small fortune on towing and dealer fees for new keys.

Locksmith Momo in Nuns’ Island reprograms you a key by coming to you with its state-of-the-art machine tools for a competitive price.


In case you have forgotten your bag in the car and unfortunately your keys are also in it, you will need a meticulous and delicate locksmith to open it with his tools.

Mrs. Lafortune was pleased to see the technician arrive so quickly and open his car door in no time. She was really happy to be asked for an ID card by the locksmith… security issue.

Tel: 514 999 4341


Here are some tips to avoid getting robbed:

  • Secure home access with reliable locks like high security.
  • Put U-shaped plates on the door and metal safety plate on the framing. You should know that these things will not avoid a burglary on the other hand it makes the task more difficult, noisy and slows down the ardor of thieves.
  • This attracts the attention of neighbors and causes the abandonment of the criminals.
  • Simulating a presence in the house can help repel burglars since they act in the absence of residents.

Despite all the precautions taken, when you arrive from work you find your door open is broken.
You have been robbed and the criminal has broken the framing of your door, your lock no longer closes so it no longer offers security.

The technicians will give you back the necessary security in a few hours. The metal plates will solidify your door and a new lock will be installed for your peace of mind.


crochet tool

By using our hooking tools we ensure an opening without 95% damage. The remaining 5% included old mechanism or high security lock. If crocheting is not an option, we will be obliged to force or pierce the lock.

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Momo locksmith, troubleshoots the island to the sisters, and Verdun or the district St Henri in less than thirty minutes, it intervenes 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Locksmith services are offered in the majority of neighborhoods on the island of Montreal. Our locksmiths are available 24/7 for emergencies!

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Residential Locksmith

Have peace of mind and secure your home. We offer sales, installation and repair services.

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Automotive Locksmith

Quick troubleshooting, door opening, lock repair and duplicate chip key: we can help.

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Commercial Locksmith

Do you own several homes or businesses? We can help you with key management, high security locks, safe and much more.


Vous avez des questions sur nos services ou avez besoin d’un serrurier? Je serais ravi de répondre à vos questions et de pouvoir vous diriger vers la meilleure option possible, selon vos besoins et votre budget. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter, et ce, en tout temps! Vous n’avez qu’à remplir le formulaire ci-dessous.

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