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Residential Locksmith in Saint-Philippe

Trusted locksmith in Saint-Philippe! When you decide to peacefully enjoy the sunrise and sunset in Quebec, you must choose the city of Saint-Philippe. On the other hand, behind this beautiful picture, there is the insecurity in the residences and the risk of car theft . That’s why it’s essential to secure your home and car by opting for top-notch locks. As such, our company Serrurier Momo has all the skills to provide you with impeccable installation and troubleshooting services in this area. Calling on our company therefore has multiple advantages.

Residential Locksmith in Saint-Philippe

To ensure the security of your home in Lussier Saint-Philippe or elsewhere in the city, it is always advisable to opt for a high-quality lock. For this purpose, there are several types of lock brands that can work for 15 years and more. It is precisely these high-end locks that we favor for our customers. However, it is not enough to have the best safety device, the most important thing is to install them well to avoid any inconvenience.

For this, we offer you our services. Indeed, we intervene as a residential locksmith and we put at your disposal a lock installation while respecting the rules and security requirements. In addition, our company is the most qualified for the management of your on-site key manufacturing or residential lock replacement work. Do not wait until you suffer a theft before calling us for the reinforcement of your lock.

Also, do you plan to change apartments? So don’t forget to change the key to your lock. For this, no need to change the lock if it is still in condition. In addition, you have the possibility to install an electric striker to simplify access to your guests. For all these operations, we offer you services worthy of the name. We have a team ready to assist you during the broken key or loss of key. Our assistance in this area is particularly remarkable.

In addition, Serrurier Momo is available for the design of a master key system, key cutting, electronic and digital lock manufacturing. It goes without saying that with our company you can sleep in peace.

Automotive Locksmith in Saint-Philippe

Generally, modern vehicles each have a chip key with an electric transmitter. This accessory is manufactured with the aim of increasing the safety of the machine, facilitating the unlocking of the car and making it start easily. It is therefore an effective way to significantly reduce the risk of theft of your vehicle. If you need it, or if your old smart key is failing, call your locksmith who intervenes not far from highways 10, 15 and 30 of Saint-Philippe.

Our team of automotive locksmiths is the most suitable to produce you a top quality chip wrench. Better, it proceeds to the copy of said key to avoid possible problems. In case of loss of key, do not get carried away. We provide quick troubleshooting to open your door, regardless of the brand of the vehicle.

We have the latest generation tools for the repair of the key and lock of your car without the slightest problem. We are even able to manufacture, program and reprogram another chip wrench on site. Finally, we also provide other activities such as unlocking a door at slim Jim, repairing motorcycle unlocking systems, programming smart keys, etc.


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24/7 service in Saint-Philippe

No matter how urgent your problems, Serrurier Momo intervenes 24 hours a day throughout the city of Saint-Philippe. This commercial locksmith ensures the unlocking of your house doors, commercial buildings or condos. At all times, we respond to your calls with promptness and a high sense of responsibility. We are therefore your best ally in the event of unlocking locks, whether old or high security.
On the other hand, it should be noted that Locksmith Momo has more than ten years of experience in this field. This makes us the most prominent company in the city of Saint-Philippe. Given the many missions carried out in several cities of Quebec, we have acquired remarkable experience and know how to come to your rescue. Our dynamic staff a complete mobile unit 7 days a week day and night.
Accustomed to repair operations on Saturdays, Sundays and even public holidays, Serrurier Momo satisfies you at any time and in any place. Whether it is the installation of an electric strike, a combination lock or any other problem, we are in the best position to meet your expectations. Equipped with all of its tools, our team is able to troubleshoot your car’s smart key. Do not hesitate to call us if necessary.

Service 24h Saint-Remi

It’s winter, it’s minus -20°C. everything freezes, including door locks!
You are in a hurry, the door must open! Alas, the lock is so frozen that the key breaks in the barrel. You look bewildered at the piece of key left between your fingers, and see the other end of the key… always in the lock. What can I do?



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